We leverage on digital technology to optimize Marketing Strategies and Campaigns.
Using sophisticated tools and expertise we are able to introduce the aspect of Measurement to Marketing Campaigns which in turn converts to limitless capabilities.
This is a Data Driven Approach and this approach means getting the right message to the right people on the right devices at the right time.
Analyzing the population to better understand which segments engage most with your brand and building custom messages to target these specific segments is key but is not enough.
We track your customers’ journey and use these findings to optimize each stage of a customer’s conversion.


Our Digital Marketing Services

We specialize in various marketing channels

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of using techniques, standards and methods that improve the rank of a website in search engines. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing use sophisticated techniques to display results in their pages. It matters to get you website on the top of these result pages because research has shown that the buyer of today will consider only the top most results to make their choice. We specialize in creating quality websites that are fully SEO compliant, we employ initiatives that provide value for visitors to your website and we enforce methods that will guarantee future compliance with search engines.
First, a conversion, generally, is when a visitor completes a certain website goal. There are many types of website goals that a visitor could complete. For example, purchasing a product, requesting a quote and creating an account just to name but a few. At Eveminet Communications we specialize in crafting engaging user experiences in websites that yield meaningful actions. We evaluate your business in creating website goals that are in line with your business goals and long term mission. Our years of experience makes us experts of measuring how well visitors interact with your website and we employ world class proven techniques to optimize these rates and improve the general user experience of your website.
The internet is made up of content, so how do you get heard in this noise of information? The buyer of today is sophisticated and with an abundance of choice. Consumer trends reveal that prospective buyers are likely to research a product before actually making the purchase. We are experts in converting prospects to buying customers. We help your business generate content that is fresh and relevant to your audience and will attract them to want more. We distribute this content straight to your market in the channels that they are found in. We believe in quality and the art of selling subtly. We position you as a thought leader in your industry where prospective and existing customers will seek you out as a source of quality and authoritative information. This will have a significant positive impact on your bottom line.
This involves advertising through search and content networks like Google, Yahoo and Bing through a model known as Pay – Per – Click (PPC). Trust us to deliver your brand into new markets and audiences you didn’t know to have. Using bespoke strategies and content we will attract quality leads to your website for further conversion. Millions of people access search and content networks and delivering custom advertisements to specific audiences has proven to generate revenue for businesses and has a high Return On Investments (ROI).
The advent of social media is here to stay and brands are taking advantage of these platforms to advance their agenda. Be it to increase brand recognition, brand loyalty and sales. Whichever your objective Social Media is the way to go and our expertise has brought success for many business. A company’s success in social media depends on understanding the customer’s need and their journey through out the buying cycle. We understand this fact and we are experts in creating content that is not only attractive but also engaging and leads to more closed sales.
How are you maintaining your relationship with existing customers? And how are you nurturing new ones? Email channels are an effective marketing channels and perhaps one of the best converting channels for online business. At Eveminet we are experts in designing email marketing strategies that are sure to deliver results, improve the number of repeat business and convert more prospects.
We are data scientist and we love it. We collect raw data, turn it into valuable information and interpret into actionable insights. The key to any successful marketing campaign is measurement. At Eveminet our years of experience has made us experts in tracking customers touch points interaction with a brand be it offline or online. We employ a data driven approach to all our marketing strategies and this gives us the unique ability to swiftly and appropriately adapt to the ever changing market. Knowing where to invest your marketing efforts will give you a competitive advantage. Our analytics will reveal which channels are working and which ones are not this leads to a smarter marketing strategy. We track websites and gain a deeper understanding of a user’s journey.

What We Offer

Value for your efforts

Search Engine Optimisation

  • World Class SEO Tactics
  • Data Driven Strategy
  • Future SEO Compliance
  • Detailed Reporting

Conversion Rate Optimisation

  • Goal Setting and Implementation
  • E - Commerce Tracking
  • Regular A B Testing
  • Detailed Reporting

Content Marketing

  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Content Maintenace and Reporting
  • Detailed Reporting

Search Engine Marketing

  • Search & AD Networks
  • Landing Page Design
  • ROI Focused Strategies
  • Google Certified

Social Media Marketing

  • Building Followers Base
  • Audience Engagement
  • Targeted Marketing
  • Tracking

Email Marketing

  • List Development
  • Automated Lead Nurturing
  • Content Management
  • Campaign Management

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