Cyber Security

Cyber Security is the body of technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access.
Eveminet help prevents attacks through our expertise and knowledge of databases, networks, hardware, firewalls, and encryption. We ensure computer systems are running smoothly, prevent the theft of financial and personal information, and block intruders from accessing and divulging proprietary data.


1. The Cyber Security Framework.
This contains a set of management tools, a comprehensive risk management approach and, a security awareness program covering everyone in the organization from top to bottom.
The components are.
  1. Organisational Structure
  2. Work Culture
  3. Security Awareness Program
  4. CyberSecurity Governance
Each of these aspects works with the others to cover gaps in security. While focusing on one specific area of need, we can make a difference.
The most effective initiatives will use these components to protect the enterprise.
1. Information Security Structure 
This is a series of documented processes that are used to define policies and procedures around the implementation and ongoing management of information security controls in an enterprise environment.
2. NIST Cyber Security Framework
NIST provides a policy framework of computer security guidance for how private sector organizations can assess and improve their ability to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber attacks.
3. Risk Management Framework 
 RMF, illustrated at right, provides a disciplined and structured process that integrates information security and risk management activities into the system development life cycle.
We provide an in depth understanding on cyber security in structure and policy development.