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Parents Unplugged

Parents Unplugged

One of our sought after programs is Parents Unplugged where we seek to innovate digital parenting by engaging in practical, intellectual and social activities.

Our program offers hope, clarity, purpose, skills and tools to create conducive environments for children to thrive and help make technology work for families and society.

Jim Rohn says – ” If you don’t design your family life, chances are that you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Nothing much.”

Thematic learning areas:

  1. Self Image and Identity
  2. Media Balance & Well being
  3. Relationships & Communication
  4. Social Media, Content & Discipline
  5. Mental health & Tech Vision Board.

Financial Investment:

KES 6,500 per person OR KES 10,000 per couple (partner of friend)

Payment Method: Mpesa Paybill Number ~ 808768

A/C no: Parent’s Name