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Our 2022 Calendar

Digital Parenting - Parents Unplugged

Dear parents and guardians,

In this Digital era, we may not fully keep up with technology but we can be intentional on cultivating values and skills in our children and trust that they don’t need to be micromanaged to carry themselves out responsibly.

Eveminet’s 4Week Digital Parenting Class aka Parents Unplugged is set to equip, empower and educate those within the ecosystem of the child with skills and tools to enable them create a conducive environment for the child to thrive.

Help your child(ren) to safely & successfully harness technology, Join the next cohort set to run from Thursday ,November 3rd to December 1st 2022 at 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Register here – https://forms.gle/X9Vuw7Lgp6xJH8Sx5
For any inquiries – DM / Call – 0733 392 827 / Email us on – info@eveminet.co.ke


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