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COVID-19 Support

With the unprecedented situation that we are all facing, at Eveminet Communications we are fully aware on the situation impact on our young ones still need to nurtured and trained and we have a plan just for that. Our team of highly qualified consultants will provide world class expertise and unmatched IT support so as to ensure that you are always ahead of the digital curve. Our primary objective is to ensure the continuity of our leaders of tomorrow. We achieve this through technologies and strategies that are efficient, reliable and grows with you.

Whiz Kids Africa

This is a yearly program that focuses on the holistic development of your child's growth and well being. Digital technology is a now a major aspect of your children's life in school and at home.

Whiz Kids Africa
Parents unplugged

Parents Unplugged

We run a Digital Parenting program called unplugged where we are innovating digital parenting by engaging in practical, intellectual and emotional activities.

Online Security

At Eveminet Communications we take online security very seriously. We don’t agree that the so called ‘incidents’ should happen let alone affect the flow of your business operations. Our wide range of Security Solutions empower your business to respond to security threats in a manner that is secure, thorough and long lasting. Our Security Solutions provides businesses with the ability to respond with agility and effectively to the ever changing security threats. We offer comprehensive online and offline security solutions that are recognized and acclaimed worldwide. We further work with you to formulate Security Policies that will mitigate any future threats and risks.

Online Security

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