Digital Literacy Program for Business

More and more Consumers globally are using technology for their personal life as well as commercial. Advancements such as the Internet and e-commerce have transformed the buying and selling of goods and service. It is now essential that every business becomes digitally literate by becoming aware of all the benefits technology as to offer. Businesses worldwide are adopting digital technology to ensure they run efficiently and remain competitive.
Digital technology can be part of any stage of the business cycle. Be it in operations, production, sales and even management. Businesses using digital technology are enjoying solutions to age old business challenges such as;

  • Lead nurturing, customer management and sales tracking.
  • Automation of repetitive and routinely tasks.
  • Communication to customers, suppliers and employees that is fast and reliable.
  • Using the internet, especially social media as an online marketing channel.

We appreciate that team members poses different range of skills at different levels from beginner, intermediate to advanced. Digital skills include an individuals ability to effectively use communication applications, digital devices and networks to access and manage information.
We take this fundamental consideration when developing the program and curriculum an organization will use.
We aim to close the technological knowledge gap in the workplace by setting benchmarks and working to meet standards that are accepted internationally.


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