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Digital Literacy for Parents

Evelyn in India

Parents Unplugged

21st Century Parenting

Our children need to understand important aspects of their lives and how it affects their future. These factors could range from Digital Use, Identity, and security to Personality Profiling, money management and entrepreneurship. The earlier they learn about Internet & Technology management, positive attitudes, Screen time management, money management and investment, the sooner they can leverage on the numerous opportunities of self-actualization that manifest in themselves day by day. We have therefore developed a parental program called “ Unplugged” – tailored for parents raising kids in the Digital Era.

Whiz Kids

This is yearly program that focuses on the holistic development of your child's growth and well being. Digital technology is a now a major aspect of your children's life in school and at home. We have developed a program that seeks to address the way children interact with digital technology. Parents of today are concerned about the amount of time their children spend on the Internet, which platforms they frequently visit and who they communicate with.


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