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Cyber Security Awareness Learn Tips To Keep Your Family Safe Online Learn More Our Children's future Constructing positive foundations for our future leaders Building a Rapport The way a child articulates their thoughts is amazing Parents Unplugged Developing tomorrow's leaders to be critical thinkers Whiz Kids Getting our kids ready for the digital age

Our Value Proposition is for children focused institutions/individuals who are seeking to empower their children to harness technology. Our digital literacy program ensures that children use the internet Safely, Effectively and Optimally.

Our Pillars


Whiz Kids Africa

Whiz Kids Africa is a program developed for children aged 6 to 17 years. We offer Digital literacy and Online Safety, Coding and Creative Design and Chess. In adherence to COVID 19 protocols all our sessions are delivered virtually.



Parents Unplugged

Parenting digital natives in the fourth industrial revolution requires an awakening to becoming a conscious and deliberate parent. We educate, empower those within the ecosystem of the child with skills and tools to enable them create conducive environments for their children to thrive.



COVID-19 Support

We are parenting digital natives at a time the world is experiencing a health pandemic – COVID 19, our children are spending more time online than before, we are offering tools to you in these unprecedented season.

Our Approach

The Child's Eco System

Eco System Sections

Parents and Guardians
Educational Centers
Government, Nation and Global Society

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Our Achievements

Digital Literacy & Online Safety
Whiz Kids Coding
Chess Kids

A Special Partnership for the Kids

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