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Parenting in the Fourth Industrial Revolution has its fair share of thrills and challenges. The environment seems to have taken a 360 degree shift from an inclusive and social set up to an individualistic natured set up - all thanks to the internet.While we can argue that the internet has brought about convenience, easy and cheap connectivity it has made us less social, fake, walking zombies due to screen addiction.Families are endangered by this phenomenon of keeping up with the “ trendy” gadgets that screen time is consuming almost every member of the family unit.Well Eveminet has come to the rescue by developing two programs aimed for the Family:.

Our Pillars

Hundreds of Businesses Trust Our Expertise on Digital Technology For their Success


Parents Unplugged

We run a Digital Parenting program called unplugged where we are innovating digital parenting by engaging in practical, intellectual and emotional activities.


Whiz Kids

This is a yearly program that focuses on the holistic development of your child's growth and well being. Digital technology is a now a major aspect of your children's life in school and at home.


Cyber Security

Our wide range of Security Solutions empower businesses with the ability to respond with agility and effectively to the ever changing security threats.

Our Approach

The Child's Eco System


Parents and Guardians


Educational Centers




Government, Nation and Global Society

Parents Unplugged

Equip yourself with the skills you will need to better guide your children with their tech use. Learn how to manage the time they spend online, the content they consume and so much more. 

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