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Educators Guide

Educators Guide

Welcome to the Teachers’ Essential Guide to Child Online Safety and youth digital well-being Toolkit.


Cyberbullying Prevention

This course outline on cyberbullying is a valuable way to educate individuals on this important topic and help them understand how to prevent and respond to cyberbullying incidents


Data Privacy

This course outline is a crucial aspect of our modern digital world, the increasing amount of personal information being collected, processed, and shared through various technologies and platforms.


Youth Well-being

This guide is designed to equip you with strategies, resources, and practical approaches to foster a safe and supportive online environment that promotes mental wellness, especially the youth.


Online Safety

This comprehensive toolkit equips educators with the knowledge, strategies, and resources needed to effectively integrate online safety practices into various learning settings.


Digital Wellness

This comprehensive toolkit is designed to provide you with strategies, resources, and practical approaches to promote digital wellness among your students.