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Parental Controls: Instagram

Instagram offers various tools and settings that parents can use to help ensure a safer and more age-appropriate experience for their children on the platform.

Remember, Instagram can be a fun and positive platform, but it’s crucial to be cautious and protect your privacy and online safety while using it.


Course Outline

By using these parental control features and guidelines, you can help your child have a safer and more responsible experience on Instagram while minimizing potential risks. It’s essential for parents to be actively involved in their child’s online activities and educate them about online safety.

  • The Importance of Instagram Safety for Children
  • Recognizing Potential Risks and Challenges
  • Benefits of Setting Parental Controls
  • Open Dialogue: Initiate Conversations About Online Safety and Social Media Use
  • Understanding Instagram: Learn About Instagram’s Features and Interface
  • Step 1: Create an Account:
    • Set Up Your Own Instagram Account if You Don’t Have One
    • Follow Your Child’s Account to Monitor Their Activity
  • Step 2: Privacy Settings:
    • Adjust Privacy Settings to Control Who Sees Your Child’s Posts
    • Approve or Deny Follow Requests
  • Step 3: Comment Controls:
    • Set Up Filters to Control Who Can Comment on Your Child’s Posts
    • Discuss Appropriate Commenting Etiquette
  • Step 4: Blocking and Reporting:
    • Teach Your Child How to Block and Report Inappropriate Users
  • Educate on Private Information: Teach Your Child About Sharing Personal Information Safely
  • In-App Reporting: Teach Your Child How to Report Inappropriate Content or Behavior
  • Following Your Child: Keep an Eye on Your Child’s Posts and Stories
  • Discuss Photo Sharing: Talk About What Photos Are Appropriate to Share
  • Recognizing Signs: Educate Your Child About Cyberbullying and How to Identify It
  • Supporting Your Child: Ensure Your Child Feels Comfortable Reporting Cyberbullying
  • Online Etiquette: Teach Your Child About Respectful Online Behavior
  • Positive Contribution: Encourage Positive Posts and Engaging Content
  • Instagram Help Center: Access Guides and Tips for Parents
  • Online Safety Workshops: Participate in Webinars on Online Safety
  • [Scenario 1: Adjusting Privacy Settings for Safer Sharing]
  • [Scenario 2: Discussing Inappropriate Comment Handling]
  • Periodic Conversations: Regularly Discuss Your Child’s Online Experiences
  • Stay Informed: Keep Up with Instagram Updates and Features

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