Digital parenting means teaching responsibility to kids. A class that teaches parents how to keep kids safe when access to the internet is so easy.
Screen time is the amount of time spent using devices such as a smartphone, computer, television, or video game console.
Too much screen time can affect one’s health, potentially leading to weight issues, sleep disturbances, eye strain and even and compromised privacy and confidentiality.
The digital literacy program aims to equip parents, children (7-17years) and even those in the corporate world to stay safe online, make use of available online opportunities and manage their screen time.
Cybersecurity is the protection of internet-connected systems, including hardware, software and data, from cyber-attacks.
Cyber Security is important because without any understanding or consideration of the issue you are waiting to be attacked. It may not happen now, or next week, but eventually you will be breached and you will have to deal with the fallout.

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