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About Us

Who Is Eveminet?

Eveminet Communication Solutions Limited was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee on 13th September 2012.

We offer Online Safety and Digital Well-Being training (skills, tools & resources) to children focused institutions/individuals who are seeking to support their children’s online experiences and safety. Our tailored information, tools, and training, aim to strengthen the capacity to protect and nurture a secure digital environment for the well-being of youth  and young adults to ensure they use the internet Safely, Effectively and Optimally.

Our Motto

Empowering Families for Digital Success by Enhancing Digital Literacy, Ensuring Online Safety, and Promoting Youth Wellbeing.

Meeting with His Excellency, the Honorouble Govenor of Makueni County; Hon. Mutula Kilonzo Jr.

What We Do

Eveminet prioritises trust and safety, equipping individuals and communities with digital literacy, online safety and digital wellbeing  trainings. Our esteemed Whiz Kids Africa program empowers children and youth, while the “Wazazi Jitume” program equips parents and guardians.

We collaborate with stakeholders, including governments, industry leaders, and experts, to develop effective cybersecurity measures and policies. Our contributions are reflected in initiatives like the Kenya’s National Cyber Security Strategy 2022-2027.

As distinguished safety partners with tech giants like TikTok, Meta, Huawei, and Google, we strive to cultivate a responsible, digitally empowered society across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Beyond just observing the digital age, we actively champion the creation of a secure and enriching online environment for all.


Our Mission

 To foster a thriving digital ecosystem for youth, we equip families and key stakeholders with comprehensive resources, knowledge, and skills in online safety and digital wellbeing. Through tailored information, tools, and training, we build the capacity of individuals and communities to protect and nurture the well-being of youth in the online world.


Our Purpose

To empower families, youth, individuals, and communities by promoting digital literacy and online safety. We believe in the power of knowledge and equipping the younger generation with the skills they need to navigate the digital world with confidence. This is the driving force behind our signature initiative, the Whiz Kids Africa program, which serves as a beacon of education and empowerment.


Our Vision

To be the voice of advocacy for child online protection practitioners making Kenya an international online safety hub in Sub Saharan Africa.