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About Us

Who is Eveminet?

Eveminet Communications Solutions Limited is a dynamic ICT consultancy firm headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, with a foundation dating back to our establishment in 2012.

Our core focus revolves around Trust and Safety. The core being promoting digital safety and well-being through equipping and  empowering children, youth,  individuals and communities through digital literacy and online safety training. Central to our mission is the esteemed Whiz Kids Africa program, which imparts vital skills and knowledge to ensure secure and confident navigation of the digital landscape.

Committed to holistic online well-being, we extend our reach to parents, guardians, and educators via our transformative program ‘Jitume – Parents’ Unplugged.’ This initiative equips them to effectively guide and safeguard children’s online experiences.

Our engagement extends to strategic collaboration with government departments, cybersecurity stakeholders, and Trust and Safety experts. Through our consultancy arm, we contribute significantly to policy developments, reviews, and concise briefs that drive effective cybersecurity measures.

Distinguished as safety partners, we proudly collaborate with renowned industry leaders such as Meta, Google and TikTok across Sub-Saharan Africa. Our collective efforts strive to cultivate a digitally empowered, safe, and thriving society.”


Our Mission

“Our mission is to empower families, children-focused institutions, and individuals with the tools and skills needed to enable children to confidently navigate and harness the potential of technology.”


Our Vision

“Our vision is to be the voice of advocacy for child online protection practitioners, positioning Kenya as the premier hub for online safety in Sub-Saharan Africa on the global stage.”


Our Values

“Our core values center around delivering a compelling value proposition to families, children-focused institutions, and individuals who share the vision of empowering children to confidently navigate and utilize technology.”