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Our Pillars

Our North Stars

Being safe online shouldn’t be complicated. At Eveminet, we understand the complexities of the digital landscape, and that’s why we’ve developed a unique set of tailor-made pillars to equip you with the essential tools, skills and knowledge you need to thrive in this ever-evolving space.

These pillars are not just theoretical concepts but practical frameworks designed to empower individuals, families, communities and industry to:

Embrace digital citizenship: Develop responsible online behaviour and understand your rights and responsibilities in the digital world.

Explore our pillars and discover:

    • Empowering Education: Gaining the knowledge you need to make informed choices and navigate online platforms confidently and responsibly.
    • Building Resilience: Developing the skills to safeguard yourself and your loved ones from online threats and challenges.
    • Fostering Responsibility: Embracing digital citizenship and utilizing technology ethically and responsibly.
    • Promoting Wellbeing: Striking a healthy balance between the digital and physical worlds, ensuring well-being in both spheres.

Our pillars are more than just knowledge; they are a roadmap to a safer, more empowered, and fulfilling digital experience.


Child Online Protection

We believe every child deserves the tools, skills and knowledge to thrive in the digital world. Our  unique and comprehensive training program designed to equip children with the essential skills for online safety digital literacy and well-being. This program empowers them to become responsible global digital citizens, ready to contribute positively to the global community. We proudly call these young learners our Whiz Kids Africa – a testament to their commitment to building a brighter digital future.

Digital Parenting

Digital Parenting

“Wazazi Jitume” – Unplugged empowers parents, guardians, and educators to navigate the complexities of their children’s digital lives. This engaging program equips them with the knowledge, tools  and skills to understand and effectively support their children’s interactions and experiences with digital technology, cultivating a safe and enriching digital environment for the entire family.

Training and Consultancy


Eveminet consultancy arm fosters a collaborative environment, actively engaging with government agencies, industry leaders, policy developers, and trust and safety organisations.

Through these partnerships, we cultivate a culture of inclusivity and contribute to the development of global standards for online safety and digital wellbeing. This collaborative approach ensures our initiatives remain relevant and impactful across diverse communities, solidifying our position as a leading voice in the digital landscape.