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Parental Controls: Roblox

Roblox is a popular online platform and game creation system that allows users to create and play games created by other users. It’s important for parents to be aware of and use the available parental control features to ensure their children have a safe and age-appropriate experience on Roblox.


Parental Guide Outline

By using these parental control features and following these guidelines, you can help your child have a safer and more responsible experience on Roblox while minimizing potential risks.

  • The Importance of Roblox Safety for Children
  • Recognizing Potential Risks and Challenges
  • Benefits of Setting Parental Controls
  • Step 1: Create a Parent Account:
    • Set Up Your Own Roblox Account if You Don’t Have One
    • Link Your Account to Your Child’s Account
  • Step 2: Activate Account Restrictions:
    • Set Age Restrictions for Your Child’s Account
    • Control Who Can Chat with Your Child
  • Step 3: Enable Account PIN:
    • Set Up an Account PIN to Prevent Unauthorized Changes
    • Discuss the Importance of Not Sharing the PIN
  • Step 4: Content Filtering:
    • Enable Safe Chat Filtering for Age-Appropriate Content
    • Discuss the Importance of Respectful Language
  • Step 5: Review Friends and Follows:
    • Monitor Your Child’s Friends and Followers List
    • Teach Your Child About Accepting Friends Carefully
  • Educate About Sharing Personal Information: Teach Your Child About Sharing Safely
  • In-Game Reporting: Teach Your Child How to Report Inappropriate Behavior or Content
  • Gameplay Review: Periodically Check the Games Your Child Is Playing
  • Virtual Spending: Discuss the Importance of Responsible Virtual Spending
  • Set Gaming Rules: Establish Guidelines for Playing Time and Online Behavior
  • Create a Dialogue: Encourage Your Child to Share Their Online Experiences
  • Roblox Parent’s Guide: Access Resources and Tips for Parents
  • Online Safety Webinars: Participate in Workshops on Online Safety
  • [Scenario 1: Setting Up Age Restrictions for Safer Gameplay]
  • [Scenario 2: Enabling Content Filtering for a Safe Chat Environment]
  • Periodic Review: Regularly Review and Adjust Parental Controls
  • Stay Informed: Keep Up with Roblox Updates and New Features

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