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Play Station Online

Parental Controls: Play Station Online

PlayStation Network (PSN) is an online gaming and digital media service provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation gaming console family. It allows users to access a wide range of online features, including online multiplayer gaming, digital downloads, streaming services, and social networking features.


Parental Guide Outline

PlayStation offers parental controls that allow parents or guardians to manage and restrict their child’s online activities on PlayStation Network (PSN). These controls provide a way to ensure a safe and age-appropriate online gaming and entertainment experience.

Here’s how to set up parental controls on PlayStation:

  • The Importance of Online Gaming Safety
  • Recognizing Potential Risks and Challenges
  • Benefits of Setting Parental Controls
  • Step 1: Set Up Sub Account:
    • Create a Sub Account for Your Child
    • Link the Sub Account to Your Parental Account
  • Step 2: Adjust Age Ratings:
    • Customize Age Restrictions for Games and Content
    • Block Games with Inappropriate Content
  • Step 3: Limit Communication:
    • Control Who Can Communicate with Your Child
    • Enable or Disable Voice and Text Chat
  • Step 4: Control Spending:
    • Set Spending Limits for Purchases and Microtransactions
    • Require Password for Every Purchase
  • Step 5: Screen Time Management:
    • Set Daily and Weekly Play Time Limits
    • Schedule Play Sessions and Breaks
  • Friend Requests: Discuss Accepting Friend Requests Only from Known Friends
  • Reporting: Teach Your Child How to Report Inappropriate Behavior
  • Activity Log: Regularly Check Your Child’s Activity Log
  • Communication History: Review Communication History for Any Red Flags
  • Family Agreement: Create a Family Agreement for Online Play Rules
  • Educate: Discuss Online Etiquette and Safe Gaming Habits
  • PlayStation Official Website: Access Guides and FAQs on Parental Controls
  • Parental Control Apps: Explore Mobile Apps for Remote Monitoring
  • [Scenario 1: Adjusting Age Ratings for Age-Appropriate Games]
  • [Scenario 2: Setting Screen Time Limits for Balanced Gaming]
  • Periodic Review: Regularly Review and Adjust Parental Controls
  • Evolving with Your Child: Modify Controls as Your Child Grows

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