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Parental Controls: Pinterest

Pinterest is generally a safe platform, it’s a good idea for parents to be aware of and use the available parental control features to ensure a safer and more controlled experience for their children.


Parental Guide Outline

By using these parental control features and guidelines, you can help your child have a safer and more responsible experience on Pinterest while minimizing potential risks. It’s essential for parents to be actively involved in their child’s online activities and educate them about online safety.

  • The Importance of Pinterest Safety for Children
  • Recognizing Potential Risks and Challenges
  • Benefits of Setting Parental Guidance
  • Initiating Conversations: Begin Discussions About Online Safety and Social Media Use
  • Exploring Pinterest: Understand How Pinterest Works and Its Features
  • Step 1: Familiarize Yourself:
    • Learn About Pinterest and Its Privacy Settings
    • Understand How Your Child Is Using the Platform
  • Step 2: Account Privacy:
    • Teach Your Child How to Set Privacy Preferences
    • Guide Them on Making Boards Private or Public
  • Step 3: Pin Sharing Guidelines:
    • Discuss the Importance of Sharing Appropriate and Safe Pins
    • Encourage Thoughtful Curation of Boards
  • Educating About Personal Information: Teach Your Child to Safeguard Personal Details
  • Blocking and Reporting: Teach Your Child How to Report Inappropriate Content or Users
  • Follow Your Child’s Boards: Stay Updated on Your Child’s Saved Ideas
  • Discuss Content Curation: Talk About Curating Positive and Inspiring Boards
  • Responsible Pinning: Teach Your Child About Respectful and Positive Sharing
  • Ethical Engagement: Discuss Proper Attribution for Pins
  • Pinterest Help Center: Access Guides and Tips for Parents
  • Online Safety Workshops: Participate in Webinars on Online Safety
  • [Scenario 1: Setting Up Account Privacy for Safer Pinning]
  • [Scenario 2: Discussing Responsible Content Curation]
  • Ongoing Conversations: Regularly Discuss Your Child’s Online Experiences
  • Stay Informed: Stay Updated on Pinterest Updates and Features

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