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Parental Controls: Snapchat

Snapchat is a popular social media platform that allows users to send and receive short-lived photos and videos. It’s important for parents and guardians to ensure that their children use the platform safely and responsibly.


Parental Guide Outline

By using the above parental control features and guidelines, you can help your child have a safer and more responsible Snapchat experience while minimizing potential risks.

  • The Importance of Snapchat Safety for Children
  • Recognizing Potential Risks and Challenges
  • Benefits of Setting Parental Controls
  • Step 1: Create a Parent/Guardian Account:
    • Set Up Your Own Snapchat Account if You Don’t Have One
    • Link Your Account to Your Child’s Account
  • Step 2: Enable Snap Map Safety Features:
    • Adjust Snap Map Settings to Protect Location Privacy
    • Teach Your Child About Sharing Location Safely
  • Step 3: Limit Who Can Contact Your Child:
    • Set Privacy Settings to Control Who Can Send Snaps and Messages
    • Block Unknown Users and Strangers
  • Step 4: Content Viewing Controls:
    • Set Up Content Viewing Permissions Based on Age
    • Control Who Can View Your Child’s Stories
  • Step 5: Screen Time Management:
    • Utilize Time Limits to Manage Daily App Usage
    • Discuss the Importance of Balanced Screen Time
  • Educate About Accepting Friends: Teach Your Child About Accepting Friends Carefully
  • In-App Reporting: Teach Your Child How to Report Inappropriate Content or Behavior
  • Friend List Review: Periodically Review Your Child’s Friends List
  • Snap Review: Encourage Your Child to Share Snaps Responsibly
  • Discuss Sharing Safely: Set Guidelines for Sharing Photos and Videos
  • Encourage Open Dialogue: Foster an Environment Where Your Child Feels Comfortable Sharing Concerns
  • Snapchat Safety Center: Access Safety Tips and Information for Parents
  • Online Safety Workshops: Participate in Webinars on Online Safety
  • [Scenario 1: Setting Up Snap Map Safely]
  • [Scenario 2: Adjusting Contact Permissions for Safer Interaction]
  • Periodic Review: Regularly Review and Adjust Parental Controls
  • Stay Informed: Keep Up with Snapchat Updates and New Features

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