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A Birds Eye View On Our Industry Participation in October CyberSecurity Awareness Month (OCSAM)

A Birds Eye View On Our Industry Participation in October CyberSecurity Awareness Month (OCSAM)

The month began on a high, we were determined to have our voice heard as industry experts on matters of Child  Online Safety and as the Founder of Eveminet Communication Limited I am proud to say that the parents, guardians, educators, government agencies we engaged with are in a better place because of the our deliberate efforts on creating awareness and building their capacities. 

We acknowledge that raising children, now called digital natives requires all hands on deck which means that ecosystem of the child has to come alive. 

Allow me to share a hawk view of  our direct and partnership engagements.

We engage parents daily through our social media platform particularly our Facebook group that has a subscription of  1000+ parents, guardians and educators. 

Our founder Evelyn Kasina has had Online Safety assemblies in schools like Rusinga Schools  for the different Key Stage classes where the learners are able to apply the lessons in school, home and their now virtual play grounds. It is worth noting that we collaborated with the association, KAIS – Kenya Association of International Schools on their annual Symposium themed – The Value of Teaching  21st Century Computing Skills in Primary and Secondary Schools. This event gave her an opportunity to talk about child online protection and parental plus teacher engagement. One of the cart aways from this event was to avoid over-regulating technology interactions which directly or indirectly forces child(ren) into submission but rather get interested in what they are interested in by engaging them in open conversations.

Leading by example and creating moments of synergy to collaborate together online was also a highlight as well.

We also engaged government as their Digital Literacy and Safety industry partner, we had a multi-sectoral engagement called Parental Digital Literacy Program (PaDiL) hosted by Kenya Films Classification Board -KFCB in collaboration with Netflix.

The highlights of this engagement that had industry and government stakeholders represented were: 

  1. A focus  on parents because they have an important role of parental guidance on matters religion, morality & culture said the AG CEO – Mr. Christopher Wambua. 
  2. Bringing together stakeholders to enhance the efforts of protecting children from exposure to
    harmful/adult content.



Evelyn was also fortunate to attend the 3rd National Cyber Security Conference hosted by the Communication Authority of Kenya; the details of the conference are highlighted in this blog piece



The closure of the month was without a doubt a bang, Evelyn attended a  three day KEPSA Education Sector Board retreat  in Meru County. The retreat focused  on the  private sector contribution to enhancing skills development and human capital for sustainable development.

During the retreat, the sector board members reviewed and developed a strategic alignment of the contribution of the private sector in enhancing skills and human capital competitiveness for sustainable development. In addition, members would later develop the sector board strategy and work plan for the year 2022-2023. The details of this retreat are found here 

We are happy that we are being intentional on our participation on online safety, noting that cyber security is our business. 
Our goal has and will always be to equip YOU with tools, skills and information that will help YOU make technology work for your family and society.

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