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Cyber Security – Data Loss and Protection

Cyber Security – Data Loss and Protection

Dear Entrepreneur,

How often do you think about your Data Protection?

The ICT authority of Kenya in collaboration with the Communication Authority of Kenya drafted a Data Protection Bill in 2012. Despite this, Cyber Security has not yet become a reality for many in Africa particularly Kenya. We have had ‘ Scares” in 2017 but the threat has not really sunk in and I understand –To see is to believe right?

Medical Insurance covers offer one annual body check up for its clients but close to 70% of the people don’t take up this service yet have paid for it, the argument sometimes being “ I am feeling ok, or I don’t have time”. My point being it happens across sectors.

They say Prevention is Better than a cure.

In 2015, I witnessed my second biggest Cyber Attack, this was astonishing because the client had protection from a firewall. I got a notification that a ransomware had captured the 1TB File server and the hackers were demanding ransom in form of Bitcoin.

As a security consultant, I went on site to undertake an audit and realized that the firewall had been tampered with.

Company Data had been compromised and encrypted in addition, there was a silent worm spreading through the network monitoring information from LAN computers.

In such a case Client Information is compromised. Let me put this in perspective for you, Uber was hacked and over 57 million customer accounts and information was compromised. It is possible that 9 out of every 10 Kenyans have an Uber App installed on their phones and linked to their email. Think about the exposure and the magnitude of the threat.

IT Policies, Procedures and an experienced IT Specialist are very important in any organization doing Trade in the 21st Century.

Wi-fi Protection, End Point Anti-Malware and Anti-Virus Protection, Data Backup to Staff Training on risk exposure.

Data is the New Gold, we work so hard year after year not realizing that within a blink of an eye you can lose everything and it could be irreversible.

Cyber Security Threats have seen heads of IT Departments lose their Jobs, Businesses go down, Brands ruined, learn from others don’t be a sitting duck.

Cyber Security training is meant for every member of an Organization From the Board members to the Cleaners.

Ask yourself what it would cost you if you were to lose all your company Data.

Reach us today for Professional IT Consultancy.

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