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Africa Day 2024: Educate An African Fit For The 21st Century

Africa Day 2024: Educate An African Fit For The 21st Century

Africa Day is a celebration of the continent’s vibrant spirit, its diverse cultures reaching back millennia, and the boundless potential of its people, especially its youth. This year’s theme, “Educate an African fit for the 21st Century,” places a spotlight on the importance of preparing the next generation to thrive in a digital world.

In today’s digital age, education extends far beyond the walls of a classroom. Equipping young Africans with the necessary digital skills is essential for them to become successful global citizens and active participants in our ever-evolving world.

At Eveminet Solutions, we are passionate about contributing to this vital mission. We offer a range of programs specifically designed to empower children (aged 5-17) and youth(aged 18-25)  in Africa with the foundational tools they need to thrive online.


A Storied Past: Africa is the cradle of humanity, bragging about some of the oldest civilizations and archaeological wonders. From the awe-inspiring pyramids of Egypt to the ancient city of Great Zimbabwe, the continent’s history speaks volumes about its enduring spirit and innovation.

Cultural Tapestry: Africa is a land of vibrant cultures, diverse languages, and artistic expression. From the rhythmic beats of West African musical traditions, including drumming, kora music, and highlife. The region is also home to vibrant festivals, such as the Carnival in Cape Verde and the Osun Osogbo festival in Nigeria to the diverse cultures, including the Maasai people of Kenya and Tanzania, the Amhara people of Ethiopia, and the Swahili people of the East African coast. The region is also home to stunning wildlife safaris and beautiful beaches in East Africa. 

North Africa is known for its Berber, Arab, and Islamic influences such as the djellaba and the kaftan, then Southern Africa is known for its diverse cultures, including the Zulu people of South Africa, the Khoisan people of Namibia and Botswana, and the Shona people of Zimbabwe. The region is also home to stunning scenery, such as Table Mountain and Kruger National Park. The continent’s cultural heritage is a captivating blend of tradition and contemporary expressions.

Building a Strong Foundation: Digital Literacy, Online Safety and Digital Wellbeing.

Eveminet’s programs go beyond basic computer skills. We focus on cultivating digital citizenship, fostering online well-being,and equipping participants with the essential skills and tools to navigate the internet safely and responsibly.

This includes:

  • Understanding digital citizenship: We teach young people how to be responsible and respectful online, promoting kindness and positive communication.
  • Prioritising online safety: We equip participants with the knowledge and tools to protect their privacy and identity in the digital world.
  • Promoting digital well-being: We emphasise the importance of healthy online habits and finding a balance between technology and real-world experiences.By prioritising these crucial areas, we empower young Africans to not only excel academically but to also become confident and informed digital citizens in collaboration with Industry Big Tech companies like our partnership with TikTok on the  #SaferTogether Initiative that enhances online safety and digital opportunities for youth in Kenya. A program that is also successfully running in Nigeria. Collaboration is Key: Empowering Educators and CaregiversOur commitment to fostering digital well-being extends beyond children. We believe that creating a safe and supportive digital environment also requires empowering the adults within their ecosystem who guide them.Through initiatives like “Jitume – Parents Unplugged” and #SaferTogether, we provide caregivers and educators with the necessary tools and resources to understand the digital landscape and navigate it alongside their children.

    A Holistic Approach: Building a Truly Educated Africa

    At Eveminet, we believe a holistic approach is key. By working with both children and the adults within their ecosystem, we can ensure a well-rounded digital education for Africa’s youth.

    Why are celebrations important? 

    They serve as powerful touchstones, reminding us of the incredible achievements and sacrifices made by those who came before us. These celebrations allow us to express our deep gratitude for the foundations and freedoms we enjoy today. Most importantly, they inspire us to continue building a better future. By celebrating our history, we commit ourselves to creating safe and nurturing spaces for the next generation, ensuring they can reach their full potential.

    We celebrate the incredible work done by Eveminet across the region, we acknowledge Confidence Oseni from Nigeria the founder of Internet Safe Kids Africa, to the Cape Town Science Center in South Africa to Jenifer Kaberi the Founder of Mtoto News in Kenya and many other Government agencies,  Industry Partners and CSO’s. 

    This Africa Day, we invite you to join us in empowering the next generation of African innovators! Visit our website at https://eveminet.co.ke/ to learn more about our programs and see how you can get involved.

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