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#SaferTogether Program in Partnership with TikTok

#SaferTogether Program in Partnership with TikTok

Safer Together  Launch

On October 25, 2023, the stakeholder engagement and Phase Two announcement occurred at Woodcreek School in Kiambu. This event convened various stakeholders for the TikTok Online Safety initiative’s second phase in Kenya, building on the success of Phase One. The primary goal was to extend the accomplishments of the prior phase and create a lasting framework for online safety in the country.
The launch event was to showcase TikTok’s commitment to trust and safety in Kenya, introduce new safety efforts and resources, and support youth well-being. The event was well attended by individuals across the divide . 


Mr. Wamalwa, the AG. CEO of Kenya Film Classification Board, emphasised the importance of parental controls and age verification to restrict children’s exposure to inappropriate content.
He also highlighted the need for awareness campaigns and collaboration with organisations like Eveminet to educate parents, teachers and guardians about digital citizenship.
KFCB is looking to establish a reporting mechanism for cyberbullying, inappropriate content and other concerns.
Zara Head of public policy programs at TikTok spoke about the successful completion of phase 1 of their program and their plans to expand it nationwide.
The program focuses on educating adults about online safety and aims to increase the depth and reach of their intervention.

Both parties appreciate each other’s support for this initiative.


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