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The Art of Balancing Technology

The Art of Balancing Technology

Managing one’s online and offline life in a balanced way requires some level of discipline and self – control. The art of balancing screen time, multi tasking on different devices and online participation is an acquired skill we equip at Eveminet.

The foundational value of using technology with purpose driven intention, one has to exhibit integrity to keep their promise on screen time and technology usage, and develop harmony with others by prioritizing a healthy relationship through self – regulation.

It is no surprise that both parents and children often feel overwhelmed by technology however, it is imperative to seek out help in upon that realization.

We train children to assess health risks related to technology and equip them with tools to reduce the risks. By doing this they are able to develop time and resource management skills that allow them to successfully perform their tasks and use entertainment.

We have tips that enable children and adults master the “Art of Balancing Technology”

  1.  Develop a Family Technology Use Policy
  2.  Become an educated Role Model
  3.  Set up Tech – Free Zones.
  4.  Develop Technology Shut Down Times.
  5. Do your chores before engaging with Technology
  6. Balance Learning and Entertainment
  7. Learn and apply the basic Cyber Security precautions.
  8. Get a Gadget Basket to keep all portable devices during Family Time.

It is important to learn the fine balance of technology because there is a rise in Mental Health Illness, Depression, Suicide, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and Addiction. ETC

“In the end it is all a balance.” – Rohinton Mistry.


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