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Technology and the Holiday Season

Technology and the Holiday Season

The Holiday Season is a time of cheer and togetherness and a time we get to just unwind. 

How about we also unwind from our gadgets and social media platforms? How about we connect with real humans, (relatives) and connect? 

Although we can use technology to create memories, I request that you indulge me for a minute or so and let us see this through, will you?

How can we balance our digital use this holiday? Do you remember VHS players and cassettes? Oh JVC was so popular, let me jog your memory. 

How about we take all content on the cassettes and convert them to digital media? A fabulous idea, right? Then we can spend time watching how time changed, 3 or 4 generations at a go. You can then add your recent and current family moments to this and keep them on replay during the holiday. It sounds like a fun thing looking at the evolution of fashion and sharing stories and moments that go back in time. 

How about remodeling some of the electronics we used when we were young? 

I found this at my mum’s place. 

Here is what grandparents should do in Family Gatherings. 

Throwback the games we played back then, “ Kati” make a ball from old torn or worn or socks, “ Blada” Let’s look for tube tyres make the blada, let see how flexible we are, you can record this for keeps, “Shake” Do you remember this game, oh my word – Textbook center has great chalk or you can use charcoal ( Improvise ) “ Bano” Yes I recently was told they are called marbles Ha ha ha – Dig up a hole and spoil your manicure. “ Brikicho” Oh yes hide and seek and probably “Statue “ I was told it is called Grandmother footsteps I know, we learn every day – you’re welcome. 

How else can we balance screen time? We can begin creating new cultures – Activities that will entail zero or very little tech assistance.

There is this amazing “ Heads Up” Game where you can involve other people old or young. It is a great way of seeing how creative we are at having fun as a family.

Instead of buying electronic gifts this Christmas, buy board games and use them as a family and invite other friends and families to join – this is a way people get to bond.

If and when you do use your gadgets to save these memories, before you post them on ANY social media platforms, please ask for consent from children and their parents, (Yes, children have a right to consent over their footprint.) It also shows respect, high sense of Security and Privacy plus Digital Empathy 

Let us avoid addiction and misunderstandings by practicing the following:

  1. Create Tech-Free Zones ( These are designated areas where people interact WITHOUT their digital devices.) No TV as well. To do this, have a basket where people can put on their phones and tablets. 
  2. Have a discussion on expectations with those around you – This is on taking photos and videos and sharing them online. Make sure the people around you ask for Consent.
  3. Limit video games, (that include phone games)
  4. Ask the adults around NOT to share their phones with minors, (children)
    “ Adult Phones are NOT Sanitized for Children. PERIOD.”
  5. Prescreen any online content together with your children. However, empower your children to practice this even on their own from “www.commonsensemedia.org” Explain the “ Age”, “ Violence”, “ Vulgarity”, “Innuendo”, “ Sexuality”, “ Educational Value” ETC and align this with Family Values. 

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