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The Whiz Kids Programme

The Whiz Kids Programme

We are starting off the year with a big announcement! Whiz Kids Africa will be hosting a 10 week programme beginning this January. Set to kick off on Saturday the 19th, the workshop aims to help children between the ages of 7 and 17 years old in growing their digital expertise.

The program objectives are as follows:

  • To enable the child to self regulate their use of technology in a right way;
  • To help the child to be ethical and have considerate behavior online and offline;
  • To help the child respect their own as well as other’s privacy online;
  • To help the child demonstrate an awareness and compassion for the feelings,needs and concerns of others online;
  • To help the child manage their digital footprints and use technology in a manner that contributes to a positive reputation.
  • Help kids explore and exploit technology for self-development and personal growth.

The three main fields of focus are:

  1. Digital Citizenship
  2. Digital Creativity
  3. Digital Entrepreneurship

Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship can be defined as the required methods and practices of appropriate and responsible behavior in relation to the use of technology.

Digital Creativity

This is the art of bringing ideas and imagination to life on digital platforms or through the use of technology. From Computer Art to Music, to Robotics and Animation; there are numerous creative avenues your child can explore. We teach Whiz Kids how to harness their creativity in a digital world.

Digital Entrepreneurship

Just like our children, the future of business and entrepreneurship is digital. Traditional business practices all over the world have been shifting towards social platforms, mobile innovations, cloud software, cyber solutions and analytics. This is so that they can better leverage modern technology for better business practices in the digital era we are living in.

Whiz Kids Africa Workshop

For our children to succeed in a modern world it is vital that they develop the necessary skills and mindsets. By teaching them on how to capitalize and harness the power of the internet economically, creatively and socially we are ensuring that they have all the relevant tools at their fingertips literally.

The programme will be carried out every Saturday from the 19th under the guidance of our top ICT Consultant Evelyn Kasina who has amassed international recognition for her great work in promoting Digital Literacy among children and parents/guardians. Each session will begin at 8:30 AM until 10: AM  for the first session and 10:30 AM to 12:30 AM for the second session at our offices, K.P. Offices, Suite 13, along Jakaya Kikwete Road.

Enroll your child today.

Kindly note that the program costs KES 14,000 per child, and the amount is payable through our M-PESA PAYBILL number  808768 account name, kindly insert the child’s name.

Click HERE for the sign up form.


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